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We can help you with:

- Your company does not have a R&D department?

V²MG can take on this task or help you with our experiences and competences.


- Your R&D department requires help?

We can help your R&D to develop new insights, and help in finding manufacturing solutions.​

V²MG can take over a part of a project to speed up finalisation. 


You need help developing a new product?

V²MG can assist you from the start to production in or out of our facility. 


-  You need help designing and manufacturing plastic parts?

The V²MG team can guide you in making the perfect choice in design and material and make it realizable in small series and for the larger series anticipated.  


- You need mechanical expertise?

V²MG has an industrial engineer, an industrial designer and an engineer in plastic management who can solve your mechanical questions. We can produce all metal parts by traditional manufacturing as well as in additive manufacturing. It can be done in both metal and plastics.


- You are looking for flexible and soft plastic parts or products to design and produce? 

V²MG has experience with this kind of special materials and make it possible to manufacture from design to tooling.


- You need a prototype for the purpose of presentation or for operation?

V²MG can realize the prototypes in the finished material or we will search to make the part in AM or SM as close as possible to the finished material. But we will always make it in accordance with the expected material. 


Are you looking for pure mechanical specialists with manufacturing know-how?

You can count on more than 25 years of experience in metallurgy, plastics, woodworking, cardboard & paper. And we are working on ceramics.


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